Home Based Business – 8 Fears That Control Your Home Based Business and Financial Success

What exactly is fear? For some, it is a feeling of being afraid of the unknown. For others apprehension of the outcome. A suspicion of the future.

Many of you are paralyzed by fear. Sadly, most do not know it. Most do not see your self defeating thoughts and behaviors as signs of fear. Fear that occurs on a subconscious level.

Here are the top eight fears. Can we be honest with each other? Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? How many actually run through your mind?

What will other people think?
Will they still like me?
Will they think I am better than them?
What if I make more money than they do?
What if I fail or my business fails?
Will they laugh at me; make fun of me?
Will they think less of me; that I am a failure?
What if they do not support me or discourage me to sabotage my success?

You could think of a list miles long of why you should not start a home based business. Or if you have a business, or are successful in some other capacity, why you should not take things to the next level.

Being a strong believer in continuing education (both intellectually and spiritually), I called into a teleseminar one evening. The topic of discussion was the shakras or energies that flow through the human body. This teleseminar stirred up deeply engrained stuff for me!

That evening I went to bed and could not sleep. After tossing and turning for an hour, I finally dozed off. Two hours later, I awoke startled with these very thoughts running through my mind.

My subconscious finally released the truth. It was then, I realized I had been selling myself short. Not only could I see it in myself, I was now able to see it in others.

My fears were holding me back in many areas of my life. It was the same fears listed above. Ouch!

Any fear in any form becomes a self imposed limit. Thus locking yourself in a jail of fear. Most of us consider jail a place of physical confinement with concrete walls, steel bars, barbed wire fences. A somewhat daunting task to break free from.

A jail of fear is in your mind and sometimes in your heart. Sadly, it is just as confining as a physical jail. From my personal experience, mental jails are much more difficult to break free from.

For myself personally, the mental/emotional jail of fears, prevented me from reaching my desired level of success. Both professional and financial. Sadly, many of you do the same!

The challenge everyone faces is removing these self defeating beliefs and thoughts from your daily life.

How do you do this? My only advice is this: Have the courage to face that which you need to change most.

Listen to yourself very carefully. Every thought going through your mind affects the outcomes of your future. Awareness of when you are talking or thinking this certain way is key.

Awareness is an amazing antidote that dissipates these limits. Once you are aware, you can stop these thoughts from entering your mind. Or replace them with something else when they do.